MainStream Group may in the shortest time conduct verification of a company or an individual entrepreneur registered on the territory of Ukraine, analyze and prepare materials about their business structure, availability of assets, offshore companies, financial stability, creditworthiness, affiliation with political figures and parties, public leaders, as well as about the risks in connection with the existence of derogatory information or criminal associations. 

Conduct of pre-tender screening of the other parties followed by the accreditation to participate in a tender.

Search for information related to economic disputes and decisions of the economic courts of Ukraine.

Informational and analytical support of security departments of enterprises, firms and organizations.

Actualization of information on legal entities’ structure; history of changes in the authorized capital, composition of the shareholders, list of the owners, ownership hierarchy and structure, including foreign beneficiaries.

Analysis of publications in media sources in order to search for information related to the company or natural person concerned.

Verification of authenticity of a notarized document executed on the established form.

Analysis of economic activity and financial-economic indicators of the other party

Accreditation of the candidates or current personnel for work