Accreditation of the candidates or Company employees for work is conducted in order to detect risks and determine integrity and character of new employees at the stage of hire, and to provide them with the access to company privileged information and commercial secrets.

Accreditation is aimed at detection of possible false information that employees might furnish up-front about their personal data, work experience, education, etc.

The process consists of three basic stages:

The first stage – employees fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire contains a list of questions about employee’s education, prior places of employment, availability of references from the prior places of employment, existence of any criminal or administrative record, being on the wanted list, etc.*

The third stage – conducting the comparative analysis of information obtained from the employees’ questionnaires, and information obtained by the specialists of MainStream Group. Based on the results of such analysis, a report-conclusion will be issued, which will contain accreditation result for each given employee and recommendations regarding the advisability of further cooperation with

the accredited person.

The second stage – the specialists of MainStream Group conduct an analysis of questionnaire, collect data from prior places of employment of the employees, obtain information from the open sources of information, mass media, informational analytical systems and other sources of information, access where to is not restricted by Law.

* list of questions in the questionnaire is subject to change based on the goals and tasks, which are posed by the Customer.